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Why is civil liability insurance essential for auto-entrepreneurs?

par | Jan 19, 2022 | Babysitting

When you are a student, you think about minimizing your expenses as much as possible. Insurance? No, but why! As long as you are careful, it should be fine! Well, we're sorry to tell you but no, insurance, in some cases, is very important. In fact, today we're going to explain to you why liability insurance is a must-have.

What is liability insurance? 

Remember your college application at the beginning of the year? They asked you for a certificate of civil liability, right? So, if you ever cause any damage during your studies or your internship, your insurance will cover it. And the same goes for your babysitting! It is useful to remember that there is no such thing as zero risk. So, in case of an accident while babysitting, you can quickly find yourself in trouble. Moreover, unlike an employee in a company, you, as a micro-entrepreneur, are not automatically insured. Be prepared and take out a civil liability insurance for your professional activity. This insurance will cover any damage suffered or caused by you or by the children you will be looking after.

Liability insurancelity What damages are covered?

Personal injury 

If you unintentionally injure someone or yourself while babysitting, the professional liability insurance will take care of the compensation. 

Immaterial damages 

When babysitting, you can cause intangible damage to the parents' time and money. IThey can hold you responsible and claim compensation. In this case, the insurance protects you éThe company also protects itself against this type of intangible risk. 

Property damage 

Let's take a simple example: you trip and break a piece of furniture. It is clear that it is impossible to anticipate this type of accident! Your professional liability insurance will cover you for these material risks. 

Liability insurance is a must, so where to get it? 


Don't you know Heyme? At HEYME, for 13€/year, the civil liability insurance covers bodily injury, material and immaterial damage that you could cause to a third party during your studies, your internships in France or abroad, or during certain activities (outings, babysitting ...).

If you are a medical or paramedical student, HEYME offers you medical liability coverage for your internships, on-call duty or care.

As a bonus, HEYME offers you the service of medical teleconsultation available 24 hours a day and unlimited with MédecinDirect. 

You might as well say that you have the whole package! 


Here are three sentences to convince you to subscribe to Simplis: 

The most complete

The cheapest

The simplest

In no time at all, you choose your activity, you fill in your contact information, and you validate the proposed price. After that, you receive directly your insurance certificate and your contract.

The latter, includes:

  • Unlimited personalized legal assistance by legal experts, trained and familiar with both personal and professional legal issues.
  • A solid coverage up to 9 million Euros for all damages.
  • Complete support by advisors in the event of a claim, from its handling to its resolution.

And if not, have you thought about joining Kidlee? 

At Kidlee, we have a team of advisors who are here to answer your questions and support you. We strive to find the right assignments for our babysitters. We find childcare close to home and in line with their availability to make their lives easier.

And on the administrative side, Kidlee also assists its employees with every step. In a diligent way and with a follow-up so that all the process goes like clockwork! baby sitting with Kidlee ? Register by clicking just here.