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Fun apps for kids: 6 ideas to keep them busy on the road!

par | Dec 2, 2019 | Good plans, Games and Development, Kids, Lifestyle

It's no news to anyone that most children are hard to keep still in the car. In the subway or on the train. And especially when the trips are very long! This is quite normal, as children are usually full of energy and need to move around, keep busy and have fun. This is not really possible on the transport! It's at times like these that it's useful to have a charged tablet and headphones. But, because there is always a "but", it is important to select its content with caution to avoid any type of addiction to screens, that's why we propose you today a small selection of fun applications for children to discover!

The team Kidlee shares with you its small list of fun applications for children that save life during travel. These applications will allow you to keep them busy in an edutainment way while entertaining them and preventing them from getting bored!

1. Among the best fun applications for children: The Bla Bla Box

Available in 8 languages and ideal for ages 4 to 7, Bla Bla Box is a fun way to discover letters and get familiar with the different sounds they make. This great application is very simple, intuitive and ad-free. It allows children to create syllables, learn sounds and learn to read gradually. By pressing on the machine, the child finds himself in front of a screen displaying a drawer of letters. He then takes a letter, slides it on the screen, and as if by magic, he hears the sound of the letter.

By associating the letters all alone like a big boy, he will form syllables and even words. Isn't that great? And that's not all, the Bla Bla Box spells and reads them too! The objective is that the child can recognize the letters and understand how their association produces a sound.

2. the fun application: 10 fingers

Among the best apps, we also find 10 fingers. To be used simply with the fingers. Or combined with the wooden toys SMART NUMBERS, 10 fingersis a great app for learning to count to 10. Developed in collaboration with teachers, this application is perfectly suited to the educational objectives of the youngest to the oldest children. Promoting early learning, 10 Fingers allows children aged 2 and up to learn to count on their fingers up to 10 and to be introduced to addition. It also allows them to work on their fine motor skills. By placing 1 to 10 fingers on the screen of the tablet, they learn to recognize the written and spoken form of numbers and to break them down. Its advantage? Thanks to this application, the child can learn to count in 19 different languages!

3. Maxilotos Nathan - Educational games

Among the many edutainment wonders offered by Nathan, we discover Maxilotos. A great trio of free applications. Ultra fun and amusing, they are also distinguished by their simplicity and their rich vocabulary. Teaching animals, daily life or different foods, these applications allow children over 2 years old to work on various skills in parallel, depending on the game chosen. Whether it is dedicated to animals, daily life or food, each of these applications includes 5 entertaining and educational activities, allowing children to observe, recognize and enrich their daily vocabulary.

4. Thinkrolls space

A beautiful application to train the child's logic. His strategic thinking, his memory as well as his capacities of anticipation and his aptitude to solve problems. All this while being immersed in a very fun, colorful and playful space. By playing with his Thinkrolls, small colorful and funny beings who like to wander in tortuous mazes, the child learns to plan his actions. And this, while using the various means at his disposal. These round and cute heroes progress on 7 different planets with 200 mazes to discover, and the difficulty of the paths to unlock evolves from one level to another.

5. Little Chatterbox, an entertaining application!

What better way to learn languages while having fun than during a family trip? Little Chatterbox is an application that allows children to acquire 300 commonly used key words and to enrich their vocabulary in different foreign languages, namely: Mandarin, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Hebrew, Japanese and English. On this absolutely brilliant application, the "virtual teachers" are native children. Your child will be able to listen to them and observe them expressing themselves. This will allow your child to visualize and assimilate the pronunciation of the words while working on his accent in the desired language. Little Chatterbox also includes four games with repetitive learning activities to stimulate and improve the child's memory.

6. Fun applications: Stories for children

Available on tablet but also on smartphone. Stories for Kids, is a free application with a soft, intuitive and warmly colored design. Featuring more than 10 hours of great stories wonderfully told. This application will immerse your child in universes more captivating than the others. Very simple to use, Stories for Kids is so easy to learn and understand that even your child will be able to use it alone like a grown-up. If you are not a champion storyteller, don't worry. This application will come to your rescue. And it will take your little wolves on a journey of wonderful tales and adventures!

Now you're ready for a productive and hassle-free family trip!

Tell us in the comments what are your little ones' favorite fun apps for kids!