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Our top 5 children's resources to keep them busy!

par | Nov 12, 2020 | Babysitting, Do It Yourself, Games, Games and Development, Kids, Pedagogy Parents

Containment or not, it is always essential to keep children occupied with creative and playful activities to ensure their development, educational continuity and daily learning. On the internet and in bookstores, there are many choices when it comes to resources to keep children busy at home. But searching for activities can sometimes be complicated, especially when you are short on time. At that point, you need reliable sources that you can refer to quickly and that don't require a lot of resources to complete. To help you find gems in terms of fun activities and games, here are our top 5 resources for children to consult!

Resources for children: Modeling Head

Modelling head is without a doubt one of our favorites in terms of content for children! This site created by parents for parents, but also for the whole family, is a real nugget of resources. The goal of the founders is to offer "a site rich in advice, information and creative ideas to contribute to the development" of children. And they are succeeding very well, because Tête à modeler is a gold mine rich in creative ideasThe website offers a wide range of activities, tips, DIY, games, rhymes and knowledge. Tête à modeler is also on Youtube, the DIY of decoration and other fun crafts to do with children are well explained through short and simple videos. In terms of themes, there is really everything, parties, birthdays, games, something to make your whole tribe happy!

Resources for children : Kids

Momesis an excellent site created by a group of moms, dads and teachers. This inspiring site offers more than 10,000 practical and totally free cards, activities and a range of educational resources for children between the ages of 2 and 12. In addition, there are recipes, crafts, coloring pages, games, rhymes, stories and other content. Like the website, the Momes YouTube channel is one of our favorites for content and creative ideas. Between fun activities, crafts, recipes and other types of interesting content, on Momes, you have a whole kit of super parents at your fingertips. The best part of this channel is its show, Momes goes live! Through it, you will find a whole range of ideas, skills and activities for a fun daily life!

Pomme d'Api

The Bayard group is the source of inspiration for this beautiful source of inspiration the Pomme d'Api website. Magazine, advice, activities, podcasts and radio, Pomme d'Api is a complete site. It offers different services to help families in their daily life. This site is built especially with the aim of awakening, entertaining and enriching children's learning. And this, through various media and formats. In addition to the possibility of subscribing to Pomme d'Api magazine, the site offers you countless recreational activities. Funny recipes. Games and edutainment crafts to do with your little wolves. The podcasts, radio and Youtube channel tell nice poems, tales, stories and documentaries to enjoy endlessly to dream, develop your imagination and vocabulary.

Hugo the snail

Coloring, games, cut-outs, crafts, learning cards, games... One thing is sure, when it comes to downloadable and printable content, this site sets all records! Indeed, on Hugo the snail websiteThe quality of the downloadable content is what really stands out. Between recreational activities or learning cards. From kindergarten to primary school, you will have a large choice of resources to put at the disposal of your children to accompany them in an ultra playful way at home and without having to resort to screens. The coloring section of the site is also extremely rich in materials. Going from the simplest to the most elaborate like mandalas that even adults can enjoy. Hugo doesn't stop there! He also offers nursery rhymes, fun recipes and lots of tips and tricks to help parents.

Resources for children : ManzaBull

Julie is the founder of the famous ManzaBull blog. With the help of her partner, she transforms herself in her spare time into a content creator who offers various ideas to the young and old alike manual and DIY activities to make easily. And this, with everyday objects and, often, from nothing. On her blog but also on her Youtube channel, you will find a wide range of manual activities. But also easy recipes and DIY for all ages. It's impossible to pass by without finding a little wonder to tinker with at home!