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Sensory activities: 6 activities on the theme of nature

by | Mar 30, 2022 | Do It Yourself, Games

Pierre Rabhi said that it is not enough to ask, "What planet will we leave to our children?" We must also ask the question, "What children will we leave to our planet?". Based on this common sense quote, Kidlee offers you today a top of sensory activities to do with the kids to introduce them to nature and explain why it is important to protect it.

Sensory activities: a classic - the green bean

Here is an activity you can do with the little ones, from the age of 2! 

You will need a bean seed, cotton and a small jar. First, you need to put the cotton in the bottom of the jar and then put the bean seed on top. Now all you have to do is water the cotton so that it is moist enough. One week later, a leaf will already be growing! What to marvel the small end of cabbage.

A flowery work

What if a trip to the park turned into a moment of art and creativity? All you need is a sheet of card stock and some burlap or glue for ease of use. Now, the child is free to choose the leaves and flowers that will compose his painting. Don't hesitate to remind him that the tree can also be hurt if we tear off its leaves without delicacy. So don't forget to add a pair of scissors. Once the child is ready to give life to his painting, it only remains to make everything hold with jute thread or glue.

Ze sensory activity: a sensory tank version nature

Inspired by the Montessori pedagogyThe sensory tray is an indisputable activity. Ideal for the development and the awakening of the child. It stimulates the senses, fine motor skills and imagination. The sensory tray puts an explorer's cap on your child. He will touch, feel and manipulate several objects. In short, the sensory tray is a source of infinite discovery that will give your child the greatest pleasure. And therefore, the greatest good to the planet!

Find ideas for a sensory bin on our last article or here.

All barefoot!

What we wouldn't do for the love of nature! Walk barefoot perhaps? Ah, but don't worry, the kids will have to do it! And we're willing to bet they'll love it. There's nothing better than exploring the elements of nature barefoot. One lap on the grass, then another on the warm sand and dirt and a jump in a puddle! 

Sensory activities: who lives where?

This game requires a little more preparation time, but nothing huge! After all, the game is worth the candle, or rather the planet! You must first print the animals, cut them out and glue them on clips. Then you will have to make 3 circles, one for the air, one for the sea and one for the earth.

Once this is done, the child will only have to put the clips in the right place.

Sensory activities with hand in the bag

This activity was created by Awakening and nature. Its purpose is to encourage your child to touch what's in the bag. And that, of course, without rushing him. You will therefore try to arouse his curiosity, to tempt him: in a large enough fabric bag, place several natural elements: nuts, pine cones, dead leaves, moss from the woods...

Then In front of the child, put the hand in the bag by making the different elements clash together. Then, we bet that in less than 2, the child will plunge in turn his hand in the bag. And there you go, the trick is played!

At Kidlee, we take care of the planet! 

Babysitters, students, parents and kids...our teams are working to ensure that our eco-friendly spirit is embraced by the entire Kidlee community. 

Associative, sponsorship, green parenting, initiation to ecology and sustainable development... We act on several axes so that each member of our community is aware of the protection of our planet. And can, in turn, contribute to its preservation through simple gestures.

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