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Ecological activities: Top 5 activities to make kindergarteners aware of ecology

by | Jul 19, 2021 | Games and Development, Lifestyle

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said: we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. However, we cannot deny it. So far we have failed in our mission to take care of the planet. The reality is that an animal or plant species disappears every 20 minutes. But it is never too late to reverse the curve. If some time ago we explained to you how to initiate children to the good ecological gestures, today we come back to a top of the ecological activities for kindergarteners.

Eco-responsible DIY

Indeed, introducing children to eco-friendly gestures also involves activities that teach them about recycling and recovery old objects to give them a second life. And why not, a more fun life! They can start by transforming toilet paper rolls into a decoration or a game for example! Then, move on to more elaborate recycling activities.

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Green activities: a memorable initiation

In order to teach children to take care of the planet earth, they must first discover nature to create a first contact. This is why we suggest trips to the park or forest after school, but not only! In addition to breathing fresh air, you should take advantage of this moment to fill the child's herbarium. A herbarium consists of a book in which tree leaves, flowers and sometimes even roots are placed, all dried and flattened. Next to these specimens, the child can note the name of the species, the family to which they belong or the place and date of harvest. To know how to make a herbarium from A to Z, go to here.

Montessori inspired ecological activities: the nature table 

This Montessori inspired activity will help children observe the evolution of certain elements of nature that they have grouped together. 

To do this, simply create a small nature space in your home. This can be in the kitchen, living room or even the child's room. Next, you will need to collect flowers, leaves and soil. Then, place these elements on a table and with the help of a magnifying glass, your child will be able to follow the evolution of his finds very closely. They will be able to enrich their vocabulary and their knowledge by observing the flowers withering and drying, as well as the stages of deterioration or evolution of the other elements.

Bringing a vegetable garden to life

If you thought gardening was only for adults, it's not. Little green hands are a precious help to plant fruits and vegetables. In addition, it will help to educate children for a more eco-responsible consumption.

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And if you don't have a garden to make your vegetable garden, there is always the alternative of the juice bricks to put in the kitchen or in the balcony. In addition, the child can decorate his brick as he wishes.

An ecological activity that will delight the birds

Here is one of the easiest and coolest activities for kindergarteners to learn about ecology. For this one you will need an empty egg carton and a mixture of seeds and strings. First, you will need to attach the strings to the egg carton. Then, fill the cells with the seed mixture. Now all you have to do is hang it outside and wait for the birds to come and fill their bellies.

At Kidlee, we take care of the planet! 

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