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Vacation activity: 4 ocean-themed ideas for ages 3 to 5

par | Jul 28, 2021 | Do It Yourself

How beautiful are the summer days! Between Mr. Sunshine dropping by to say hello every day, days at the beach and long summer nights, it's easy to see why it's many people's favorite season. And if that's the case for you too, why not share this passion with your little one? So let's get started! Here are 4 ocean-themed vacation activities lovingly prepared by Kidlee. By the way, don't hesitate to tell us which vacation activity is your favorite!

Making pebble fish

For this great activity, you will first need to go to the beach. After swimming, take a moment to collect pebbles of different sizes. Once back home, these small pebbles will bring to life a sea-themed craft activity. You'll need pebbles of course, markers and glue. First, start by showing the child how to bring the little fish to life. Take a large enough pebble that will be the body of your fish and draw the eyes and scales on it. Next, glue on the small pebbles for the fins. Finally, let your child express his creativity.

A sensory bin 

Inspired by the Montessori pedagogyThe sensory tray is an indisputable activity. Ideal for the development and the awakening of the child. It allows to stimulate the senses, fine motor skills and imagination. And for this time, we propose you a sensory tray which has for theme the sea.

For this ocean hand activity, you will need: 

  • A homemade sensory tray or a large basin
  • Seashell adhesive,
  • Pebbles / pebbles
  • Marine animals
  • Some shells
  • Plants and algae for aquarium
  • In addition, water ice cubes in the shape of a star and a square
  • Finally, water.

Now that you have the list of ingredients, you can start preparing them. Find the tuto in detail here and we say thank you to Creative moods !

A vacation activity to discover the ocean

Are you ready to hear WAOUH in profusion? Let's go ! For this activity, you'll need a large bowl, sea animal figurines, blue food coloring, water and agar-agar or gelatin. If you don't have a light table, here are a DIY to create one.

Now back to our activity. First, prepare your gelling agent according to the package instructions and place the mixture in a bowl. Immediately after, add the ocean figurines and put it in the fridge. And there you go, waiting for 24 hours or more. Once the mixture is well gelled, turn out your ocean block and let the child enjoy it. He will dig with a spoon and gradually release the animals of the marine world. So, he's a crab, she's a whale. This is an excellent opportunity to enrich his vocabulary and knowledge. 

Vacation activity: create a frame with shells

Here is a wonderful ritual that you can introduce to your child at an early age. Every time we go to the beach, we collect the most beautiful shells of the day and bring them back home. Then, all that's left to do is to dismantle a frame and take the wooden plate to stick the day's shells on it. Otherwise, it can also become a manual activity. Each summer, its own large shell frame. 

However, if you are not a fan of the shell frame, we suggest the option shell necklace ! He or she will have the coolest summer accessory ever! For the latter, you just need some small shells. So, here is one more reason to extend a stay by the sea.

Still in the DIY for the vacations section, you can also propose to customize small objects like the pencil holder with shells.

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