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Manual activity halloween : ZE DIY pumpkin

by | Oct 28, 2021 | News, Do It Yourself

If there's one month where everyone loves pumpkins, it's October! Well yes, you can't have a Halloween party without at least one pumpkin! Whether it's on the doorstep, on the living room mantelpiece or on the stairs, during Halloween, pumpkins will find their place everywhere in the house. And if you're going to have pumpkins everywhere in the house, they might as well be super scary! That's why Kidlee has prepared some ideas for Halloween pumpkin crafts! 

First, let's talk about the choice of pumpkin 

Choosing pumpkins for Halloween is a crucial step! Choose large, beautiful pumpkins that are firm. Also, it's best if your pumpkin has a flat base so it's easier for you to display. After that, you can also add smaller ones so you can decorate a whole family of pumpkins.

Be careful not to confuse pumpkin, pumpkin and pumpkin. For information, the pumpkin is orange, round with a green stalk.

Halloween manual activity: now you have to dig the pumpkin

For beautiful Jack O'Lanterns, we will have to dig pumpkins! And to be sure to succeed, we might as well get the whole family involved! 

However, the very first step is strictly for adults, as you will need to start by cutting a lid with a knife. Measure a circle of about 5 cm around the stalk and off you go. You have to cut all around to make the lid. Be careful, however, not to cut vertically, but rather at an angle to be able to close it once emptied. Then, don't forget that for Halloween a lid is not necessarily round, it can very well be a square, a star or another shape.

Now the little wolves can join you with spoons to remove the seeds and pulp.

And because at Kidlee, we always think about the planet, we suggest you recycle the flesh into soup, because nothing is lost, everything is transformed! In addition, you can serve your soup in a pumpkin as a tureen on Halloween night, success guaranteed!

Halloween manual activity: here is the long awaited moment!

You need to choose a design to make your pumpkin look great! So, ask yourself what type of design or face you want on the pumpkin. A scary face, a bat or maybe a silhouette of a person? 

To do this nothing could be easier, you just have to draw them with a felt pen. Afterwards, you can cut out the outline or not, the choice is yours! And if you are not very talented with your two hands, we suggest you to print drawings online like those found in here.

So all you have to do is put the tea light inside your pumpkin and you're ready to go!

The trick that saves the day

If you want to keep your decorative pumpkins longer, don't hesitate to brush the inside with lemon juice.

And if not, have you considered Kidlee for Halloween night?

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