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English activity for babysitters: 5 ideas to introduce children to the basics of English!

by | May 6, 2022 | Babysitting

It is often said that learning a new language is like having an extra window through which to contemplate the world. At the same time, being bilingual or even trilingual makes life much easier, especially for frequent travelers! In addition, it is an undeniable asset for your professional career! And as for all languages, the sooner you start, the better! Even if there are several ways to introduce a child to a new language, the first contacts with the language are always quite delicate. That's why Kidlee has prepared 5 ideas for activities in English to introduce children to the basics of the language of Shakespeare.

Tall or short ?

activity in English: tall or short

Here is a manual activity but in English, to kill two birds with one stone. The principle is quite simple. Just ask the child to circle the largest object and color the smallest. For each object, you can ask the child the question "Which one do you think is the smallest?

My cat

activity in English with a cat

If the child has a pet, bingo, this is the activity for you! Even if his name is My cat, many variations can be imagined. For example: My dog, my fish...etc. For my cat, there are 4 questions that the child has to answer in order to form a text with whole sentences. Playing this game allows children to develop their English vocabulary.

An English activity for space fans - Into the space

into the space

Among the first words of a language that we learn, we find the colors! But how to make sure that it is not "boring" for the child? We suggest you the theme of space! The child will have to associate each color with a planet. 

An activity in English to prepare for the vacations - My dream holiday

activity in english : dream holiday

Soon it will be time for the vacations and the children's impatience will be well felt! How about helping them plan the vacation of their dreams? To do so, we suggest a simple card with different questions such as: Where am I going? Who is coming with me? And many other questions about this dream planning! The child can write his answers on the card but if he is still a novice, the activity can be done in a verbal way to develop his oral comprehension. 

Time to move

Learn English and anatomy at the same time, here is a 2 in 1 activity! Here, the child must name the different parts of the body in English! Then, you can vary the level of difficulty by moving on to the skeleton for example!

Bilingual childcare is life 

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Some Kidlee profiles can even teach English to children, depending on the level desired. 

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