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Creative activity from 2 years old: learn intuitive painting with children!

by | Mar 18, 2022 | Do It Yourself

Some time ago, we told you about ideas for manual activities for little ones from 2 years old. Also, we told you about the the benefits of drawing and how to introduce it the younger ones. Today, we have prepared an article that mixes the two. Intuitive painting, does that mean anything to you? No, nothing? Then, no more time to lose! We tell you everything about this creative activity, what, why, and even how!

Creative activity: intuitive painting, kézako? 

In short, it's a sheet of paper or canvas and paint. Oh yes, also a lot of spontaneity. Therein lies the charm of intuitive painting. Whether for children or adults, everyone can express themselves with colors by giving life to marks of all kinds. No limits, no predefined parameters, only freedom and creativity. 

Why do intuitive painting? 

To let go: for a moment, disconnect from everything and have fun with the child to create a work that will be valuable for you and for him. 

Expressing emotions: children sometimes have trouble finding the right words to express what they feel. Here is a way to help them overcome this with colors and gestures that take over and speak for them.

To develop several aspects such as the child's self-confidence, serenity, pride and well-being.

What do you need for this creative activity?

For this special moment for two, the first thing to remember is that the goal is to create together! So, yes to the preparation, but without the headache! Try to gather as much creative material as possible. For example, large sheets of paper or canvas, tape, paint of any kind, markers, scissors, paint palettes, flat and foam rectangular brushes. Most importantly, don't forget to add materials such as corks, tree leaves, toilet paper rolls, seashells, even feet, hands and fingers, these will prove very useful.

How do I go about it? 

La cour des petits summarizes the process of intuitive painting in 3 steps as follows: 

  • Step 1: Prepare your equipment.
  • Step 2: Getting in the mood
  • Step 3: Painting spontaneously

As a little bonus, here are some practical sheets that can be a source of inspiration. These can be downloaded in click here.

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