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Looking for an extracurricular childcare provider?

by | Sep 30, 2020 | Babysitting

Some schools offer after-school care at the end of the day, but this is not a babysitting service or a daycare center that takes care of children until their parents return. On the other hand, when you are a young parent or you are not yet used to childcare, it can be complicated to entrust your children to a babysitter for home care. You are wondering about the extracurricular childcare at home and if it could correspond to your expectations?

Discover the answers to your questions through this article!

Childcare based on feeling

after-school childcare: a babysitter who plays with the child she looks after

By hiring a babysitter for after-school care, you want her to take care of your child on a long-term basis. In this way, the child will be able to create a special bond with her. By spending many hours with a babysitter each week, your child will gain confidence in a strong relationship that will help him/her grow and flourish with his/her mentor.

In the absence of his parents, the child will find it easier to express himself and to grow up with a person he knows every day rather than with different people while staying at school. With a babysitter, confidences and complicity will be the order of the day!

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Childcare adapted to your child's rhythm

Having a babysitter dedicated to your children will give them the chance to benefit from a personalized after-school care with activities and games adapted to their needs. Unlike daycare or nursery school, your child will be able to develop his/her own abilities at his/her own pace.

This way, your child will be able to progress at his own pace and in his own environment rather than having to adapt to the pace of the other children with him! 

after-school care: a little girl having fun with her stuffed animal

A reassuring way to care for children

In case of unexpected events, your babysitter will be able to anticipate, adapt and find the best solution for your child. By being used to taking care of him, she will know how to reassure him and be able to meet his needs whatever the situation.

With this type of care you are sure to have someone who knows your children's habits and whom you can count on to take over in case of unforeseen circumstances!

after-school care: a little girl playing with wooden blocks

An ideal environment for your child

Thanks to this type of care, which takes place in your home, the child will be able to evolve in an environment that he/she knows. Not only will this help the child feel more comfortable with a babysitter, but it will also be beneficial to the child because he or she will be used to flourishing in this environment.

The child can thus give the best of himself, gain confidence and learn daily while having fun in his own universe!

Extracurricular childcare with a trusted person

Unlike other types of childcare, such as daycare or schools, babysitting gives you the reins and allows you to choose according to your own criteria. You can meet the candidates, question them, check their references and skills and test them before making a final choice. After that, you will be reassured to know that a trustworthy and experienced person is at home watching over your little wolves.

With KidleeYou can save time and be sure to have a carefully selected babysitter who perfectly matches your criteria.