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What are the golden qualities to be an ideal babysitter?

by | Sep 11, 2020 | Babysitting, Babysitting tips

Nowadays, parents are increasingly using babysitters to look after their children. Given the importance of the mission entrusted, parents take precautions before trusting a babysitter completely. They are therefore looking for a babysitter with golden qualities! 

Have a special attachment to children 

a babysitter having fun with the baby she is looking after

In the minds of parents, a babysitter is like an aunt. Therefore, there must be a special bond between her and the child. 

What does this mean? In practical terms, the babysitting candidate does not have to be motivated solely by financial reasons. A student can make an excellent babysitter, even if she will not be working with the children afterwards. To do so, she must enjoy taking care of and spending time with them.

She must be maternal, positive, play with your little ones. And always find new activities to offer them rather than just turning on the TV. One thing is certain, it is the relationship between the babysitter and the child that is most important when recruiting. The relationship between the babysitter and the parents is important, but it comes second. 

Babysitter's qualities: being responsive and attentive 

Children, regardless of their age, always require a lot of attention from the people who take care of them. The babysitter must therefore be attentive and reactive in order to adapt to all circumstances with the children. Indeed, especially with babies, the slightest minute of inattention cannot be tolerated. This quality is therefore essential for the parents! 

babysitting qualities: a wake-up call for punctuality

Be punctual and available for the family 

Most parents want their babysitter to be on time. It is important to them that the babysitter respects the date and time agreed upon and that she does not bail out at the last minute. They cannot commit to a person who does not respect what has been agreed upon. Especially since they are busy and can't handle everything at once. She is there to help them on a daily basis by lightening their tasks, not to add to them. They need to be able to trust you at 100%! 

Golden qualities of the babysitter: being patient

Patience is also an essential quality in a babysitter. She will have to keep her calm even if the children under her care are capricious or often cry! It is also important that she understands and anticipates their needs. She must know by heart their routine and their desires. If they want to play after their homework or go to the park to stretch their legs, she will know how to organize this. 

Be able to manage the unexpected 

A good babysitter is competent, that goes without saying. Mut, beyond the different tasks, being pragmatic is a quality that will make all the difference.

She must be responsible and able to anticipate problems that may arise in certain situations. This means being vigilant about the child's safety, but also knowing how to adapt in case of unexpected events. For example: knowing how to react if he is sick or proposing another activity if it rains...

Qualities of the super babysitter: listening to them

babysitting qualities: a young woman listening to better listen

She also listens to them and knows how to reassure them. This is one of the most important qualities. She will allow the children and the parents to be happy. Indeed, she is able to reassure the children when the parents are a little late coming back. But also the parents about their children when she reports on the day with them. 

Taking care of children is not that easy. It is a mission that must be taken very seriously. It requires a real sense of responsibility to carry out the different tasks. The baby-sitters must know how to provide the children with all the comfort they need. This is done by ensuring their safety, and promoting their development and autonomy. In addition to being the person who watches the children, she also has a special role in the family. That is to awaken the little ones and to bring them what they cannot find elsewhere.

Obviously, no one is perfect, so you don't have to fulfill all the qualities. But the closer you get, the better!

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