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Are you enthusiastic, positive and motivated? Do you like to accompany young people and pass on your knowledge?


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More than just babysitting, Kidlee offers you a fun and intelligent babysitting service, based on your search criteria and, above all, on your child's specific needs and interests.

Our trusted baby-sitters, who come from the best universities and schools, are committed to transforming the hours of childcare into moments of fun in order to promote the development, awakening and blossoming of the child on a daily basis.

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Call on us and take advantage of an innovative and personalized childcare concept that combines games, creative activities and daily learning.

The main objective of our intelligent baby-sitting service is to transform the hours of childcare into fun and creative moments where the child benefits from an exceptional accompaniment according to his/her desires and interests.

A childcare service essentially based on the awakening, development and learning of the child.

All this, with a babysitter that matches her character as well as your criteria and requirements.

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Foreign languages

Foreign languages

Playful awakening

Awakening development

Foreign languages

Trusted babysitters from the
best higher education courses


Thanks to its partnerships with the largest student offices in Paris and Ile de France (Sciences Po, Sorbonne, Dauphine, Nanterre, EM Normandie, ESCE, IESEG), Kidlee has been able to federate the largest community of students in Ile de France in order to offer you exceptional profiles, adapted to the accompaniment of your child.

Our babysitters are also trained by us in the best practices of childcare in order to ensure an adapted support. They transmit all kinds of soft skills to the youngest children (drawing, craft, art, music, reading...)

partner schools and universities
Pedagogical activity
Pedagogical activity
Pedagogical activity