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Simple and economical Christmas decorations to make with the kids!

by | Dec 2, 2019 | Decorations, Do It Yourself

Christmas is certainly about the tree, the gifts, the hohoho of Santa Claus, but it is above all about the family spirit! The warm moments that we spend with our families during these holidays are absolutely irreplaceable. It is therefore important to take advantage of them and to get the children involved in the Christmas decorations! 

To do this, why not introduce them to the joys of decorating and help them make the beautiful ornaments that will embellish your home during this most magical time of the year! To help you, the team Kidlee shares with you its favorite selection of original Christmas decorations.

Flaming snowmen!

Flaming snowmen

What could be cuter than these little snowmen with flaming noses? To make these decorative lighted garlands, nothing could be easier! All you need is a few plastic candles available on the market.

Felt pens or a simple black marker, ribbons, pompoms, glue and a good dose of creativity. Your children will have a great time making and bringing to life their little snowmen. They will then be able to hang them up all over the house. Tuto in pictures on : onelittleproject

The butterfly pasta, we make garlands of it!

Christmas decorations - Butterfly pasta

Here's a great opportunity to avoid waste and use up the half-packs of pasta that are sitting in your cupboards.

1 - First, set up a garland workshop for your children

2 - Provide them with string, glue and glitter or glitter paint

3 - Then make sure to release the artist in them!

They will all be proud to hang their pasta garlands on the wall or on their Christmas tree! Tuto in pictures on : elodiemoitout

Christmas decorations: cupcake garlands!

Cupcake garlands

To make these adorable garlands with your little wolves, simply provide them with cupcake cases or paper ramekins, string armed with a needle, glue, pompoms, beads or other ornaments of your choice. Whether they are colorful, glittery, with big or small wings, these little angels will be, for sure, the superstars of your Christmas tree. Tuto in pictures on : mollymel

Christmas decorations: the holidays in the stars!

cardboard stars

Here are some pretty, inexpensive and easy to make star ornaments to bring the Christmas spirit into your home. An old cardboard box, a white marker, scissors and string are all your kids will need to make these beautiful decorations to hang on your Christmas tree or to hang on the walls and doors of your home. Tuto in pictures at : jenniferrizzo

Bling bling snowflakes

garlands in the shape of snowflakes bling bling

We can't imagine this holiday season without snowflakes! And even if the snow is not always there, why not make some according to your tastes, or rather, according to the tastes of your kids! As materials you will need: string, glue, neutral wooden strips to be painted with the children or already colored strips, rhinestones, sequins, pompons and other ornaments available. Video tutorial at :   thebestideasforkids

Multi-colored baby trees

Christmas decorations: Multi-colored baby trees

Another super easy DIY idea. To make these colorful little trees, all you need are colored or printed paper straws, scissors, hot glue, a few ribbons and glittery and/or colored paper to cut into little stars, pretty hearts or any other shape you want. Your children can then embellish their Christmas tree with baby trees made by them. 

Tuto in pictures at : craftsbycourtney

These improvised manual activity workshops, to be done at home, and with little means, will serve as a fun and playful occupation contributing greatly to the development of your children's creativity.

In addition, your budding artists will be delighted to proudly display their works in front of the amazed eyes of their grandparents and relatives!