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How to find a quality babysitter in Paris?

par | Oct 2, 2020 | Babysitting, Parents

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Living in Paris, with a daily life that goes at a thousand miles an hour, you often need a babysitter for your children. But how do you find THE one? babysitter ideal for Paris among all these applications?

Yes, because in the capital, thousands of people offer their services as babysitters. Between private individuals, baby sitting agencies in Paris, advertisement websites, childcare start-ups like KidleeSo how do you choose the right option?

How to find a babysitter or nanny in Paris?

Define your criteria before searching:

Before you embark on a search in Paris, it is important to be precise in your criteria!

Would you rather have a childcare professional (e.g. a childcare worker) or a student? It would be for school outings. Two days a week, Thursday and Friday for example. Evening, Wednesday all day or weekend care? What budget do you want to invest? Are you looking for a person who simply takes care of your children or who also makes them do daily activities?

These questions may seem trivial but they are essential before you start looking for a babysitter!

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Finding a nanny in Paris: the importance of location

Being in Paris, the location is part of the search and you have to pay attention to it as well. It would be a real shame to find the ideal person to take care of your children but who is many kilometers away from your home. If she has to spend hours in the metro every day or if you have to take her home every night, this is not necessarily the best solution!

As everyone knows, the capital is expanding more and more geographically. So don't forget to take it into account in your search criteria!

Babysitter Paris : a playful and creative daycare with Kidlee

And why not opt for a custody development that will make them grow at their own pace?

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At KidleeWe offer a smart babysitting service that transforms babysitting hours into moments of fun for the children! Your babysitter won't be putting your children in front of screens all day long. Thanks to the Montessori training, Kidlee babysitters will be there to propose activities adapted to the needs of your children while sharing their passions and skills with them!

On registration Kidlee.comForms are available for parents and sitters. This is your opportunity to share your criteria and expectations for the care of your children and for the baby-sitters to express their passions, special skills and motivation. Then, our team will take care of finding you a babysitter that meets your needs!

An ideal way to find a nanny in Paris:

This type of childcare is not only beneficial for your children, but it also corresponds to your research and requirements. No need to spend hours looking for THE rare pearl and to go through numerous interviews to be sure of its honesty: our team takes care of it! Even better, the search and administrative support are offered.

The good news? We are present in Paris and the Ile-de-France region!

So don't hesitate to register here if you are interested!

By choosing to hire a qualified person, you will be sure not to have any unpleasant surprises later on. Thanks to the selection of the candidates according to their profile and their motivation, it will be easier for you to be serene and confident! And it feels good to let go of the daily life in Paris!