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Boulogne-Billancourt: top 6 best activities for kids to try!

by | Feb 11, 2022 | News

Want to break the routine with the kids but don't know how? Wait, we hear that you live in Boulogne-Billancourt! Then this is your lucky day. Kidlee has prepared a few ideas for workshops and family outings, just around the corner from your home. Something for the kids to enjoy right around the corner.

Bilingual music education for your little ones! 

Petit Paris Play Group offers you unusual and creative French-English musical awakening workshops for children from 5 months to 5 years old. In addition to the fact that listening to music in English is obviously more fun than reading a book, the educational content of the workshop also aims to stimulate the linguistic, motor and social skills of toddlers.

This one-hour workshop is in partnership with Le Cours Anna, 20 rue Eugène Manuel, every Friday at 10:20am and every Sunday at 4:30pm. 

The little extra: this workshop is led by a bilingual singer-musician.

How about tennis awareness?


Discover the first space of awakening and motor skills around tennis: Tenniséveil

Dedicated to the 3-6 years old, it is in a 150 m2 covered space, protected and dedicated to the young children, that Tenniséveil offers you great workshops as well as a covered tennis court so that your kids can learn tennis and have fun like real champions! 

It is through an adapted pedagogy, that the children become easily familiar with the foam balls and with the motor games especially conceived! 

Find Tenniséveil at 29 rue de Billancourt 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt

Ze address of yoga in Boulogne-Billancourt : M-Yoga

M- Yoga says: "Freer, more flexible, more open to discoveries and more inclined to learn from their mistakes, children have everything to gain from the practice of yoga. The objective of yoga is - in addition to the correction of postural maintenance and the development of proprioception - to reach a wisdom and a hygiene of life inciting them to go against violence, possessiveness, judgement, addiction, impatience and dissatisfaction, behaviours which are very present in our consumer society centered on the result. We think this text is more than enough to get the message across about the importance of yoga for children. 

In addition, the exercises proposed are really adapted to children. Moreover, they may seem far from the representation of "adult" yoga. Indeed, by aiming at letting go, satisfaction, acceptance and adaptation, they can take shape in dance, singing, coloring, mime, any creative activity, inviting the child to become aware of his body and his breath and promoting concentration and emotional well-being. 

If you wish to book a workshop, it will be via the website. If you want to go directly, it will be at 14 boulevard Jean Jaurès.

Ze climbing address in Boulogne-Billancourt : Arkose

Patrick Edlinger said: "Climbing is a bodily expression like dancing. Except that the choreography is dictated by the holds: it's the Vertical Opera". If your child has energy to spare, you have what you need! With its 1700m2 and its raw universe with an urban aestheticism, Arkose Pont de Sèvres is a unique hybrid place in the neighborhood.

If you want to know more, especially about the prices, do not hesitate to visit the site, here. And for the address, it will be at 177 All. du Forum.

Ze address of theater for children in Boulogne-Billancourt

The Théâtre de la Clarté association, which will soon celebrate its 30th anniversary, aims to promote the benefits of theater. So, it is quite naturally that it offers workshops for children every Wednesday and Saturday from 10:30 am. If you want to know the schedule, go here. Also, for the address, it will be at 74 Av. du Général Leclerc.

Ze pottery workshop in Boulogne-Billancourt

The association " Budding artists "offers modeling and pottery activities to children from 6 years old. As well as workshops during school vacations. Also, the pottery courses are animated by professionals. Whether it's for your kids only or to spend time with your family, you'll find what you're looking for!

The event of the weekend not to be missed: Make your rocket take off

Kidi Lab

The Kidi Lab reopens its doors for an exceptional date in February. And nothing better than to celebrate this with an event. Don't hesitate to join them as soon as possible to spend a fun and warm moment. For this workshop "Make your rocket take off", there will be fun chemistry and assembly of a rocket for a take off to the stars! In addition, there will be coloring contests, quizzes with prizes to win, animated and musical games. As a bonus, there will even be a tote-bag giveaway.

If you feel like going, it will be on Saturday, February 12 from 2:30 to 5:00 pm. For more information on the event, it will be here. To reserve your place, it is here !