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Fun English for 2-5 year olds: tips and ideas for activities to introduce toddlers!

par | May 10, 2023 | Babysitting, Games, Parents, Pedagogy Parents

You are Family or babysitter and you are looking for ways to give your child an early start in learning English ? You are so right! The importance of language and communication skills is increasing every day! It is therefore essential that even young children begin their language acquisition journey at a very early age. The earlier they start learning, the easier it will be for them to develop their ability to understand and speak the language. But how do you introduce 2-5 year olds to English in a fun way? 

Here are some tips and ideas for practical activities to help you start teaching English to 2-5 year olds gradually! 

Fun English for 2-5 year olds: create an age-appropriate learning environment 

Children always learn best in an environment that is appropriate for their age and developmental level. So, if you are considering introducing your children to English as early as age 2, it is important to provide them with a fun and stimulating learning environment. Activities should be designed to encourage their natural curiosity and give them the opportunity to learn while having fun. Games, songs, stories and interactive activities can all be part of an English learning program suitable for children ages 2-5. With the most appropriate learning approaches, you can help your children discover the joy of English at an early age.

Start with the basics - teaching colors, shapes and numbers to 2-5 year olds:


For young children ages 2 to 5, it is important to start with the basics for their learning. This includes teaching colors, shapes and numbers, as well as introducing them to English in a fun way. There are a variety of creative and interactive activities to help children learn colors in English, such as play a sorting game of colors with colored blocks or sing fun songs on colors. Shapes can also be taught using building blocks or by painting shapes with paint brushes. Finally, numbers can be taught using sorting games. Or drawing numbers in a sand box. Playful activities are a great way to make learning fun and effective for children.

Fun English for 2-5 year olds: Introduce new words, rhymes and songs regularly:


To help children ages 2 to 5 build their English vocabulary in a fun way, it's important to introduce them to new words, rhymes and songs on a regular basis. You can start by choosing simple songs with simple words, then gradually increase the difficulty. Create fun activities such as memory games with English vocabulary cards . Or stories to tell with English characters and objects. Also, use children's books and apps that offer interactive English learning activities. This way, you can introduce children to English in a fun way and help them learn new English words easily and effectively.

Use props, pictures and gestures to keep children interested


Children love to touch and hold things! So why not use stuffed animals or toys to teach them English vocabulary? Visual activities are also great for learning. Use pictures and videos to teach them new words. Finally, nothing beats a good gesture to make a lesson memorable. Teach children simple phrases using gestures to teach them in a fun way. For more ideas on pictures to learn English, you can read our blog post by clicking here

Think of a reward system to motivate the troops! 

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Introducing 2-5 year olds to playful English can sometimes be difficult. However, rewarding their efforts can be a great option to encourage them to continue on this path. With a reward system, children can see their progress and success. This can motivate them to learn English in a more fun way. This can make learning English for kids fun and challenging.

To set up a reward system, you can for example create a progress chart. On it, you will mark the tasks successfully completed. This will allow the children to see their progress and be proud of their accomplishments. You can also use stickers or stamps to reward the children's efforts.

In addition to this, you can organize games and activities in English for the children and offer them a reward at the end of each successfully completed activity. For example, you can offer a small gift or treat for each goal achieved.

Opt for a bilingual childcare! 

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One of the best ways for young people to learn English is through language immersion. Opting for a English speaking babysitter or native speaker can be an excellent learning tool for your child. The latter will be able to teach him English on a daily basis. And above all, through real situations while boosting his support with games and activities adapted to his needs. 

For personalized learning for each child, Kidlee offers qualified bilingual or native English speaking babysitters trained in the best practices of childcare.

To find out more about this childcare method that combines both learning and fun, schedule a discovery meeting with one of our specialized consultants by clicking here

Fun English for 2-5 year olds: 3 ideas for activities to get started! 

1. Rhyming games :

Rhyming games are a great way to introduce sounds and letters to children. You can start with simple words and then gradually work up to more complicated words. For example, you could say "Cat" and ask the child to name another word that ends with the "at" sound, such as "fat". 

2. Card games:

Card games can offer an endless variety of fun possibilities with English. You can use cards to learn words and their meanings. Play vocabulary games. Or just play a classic game such as Go Fish. For more ideas, find 8 board games to teach children English in our blog article by clicking here

3. Role playing :

Role-playing is a great way to teach grammatical structures and phrases to your child while providing an opportunity to have fun. You can create scenarios and take on different characters to teach words and phrases - for example, your child can be the "customer" and you can be the "waiter. 

English for fun: the importance of initiation for 2-5 year olds

Learning English at an early age is essential for children to develop their communication skills. By creating a fun and stimulating learning environment, parents and sitters can help children ages 2-5 learn English easily and effectively.

By providing children with a fun and interactive learning experience, they will not only develop their English vocabulary and skills, but also discover the joy of foreign language learning at an early age. So be sure to try these tips to give your child an early start in learning English!