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9 resolutions to keep this new year 2020!

par | Dec 28, 2019 | Special Edition

That's it, 2020, the new year, is finally here! And this, with its lot of resolutions, sometimes quite crazy. And often, unrealistic... So forget the long lists that end up in the closet after a month, and focus on simple, achievable and life changing resolutions!

We enjoy the time together, FOR REAL!

Don't feel guilty about leaving your children with their grandma or grandpa. babysitter. Organize more romantic outings to find yourself as a couple. Indeed, a guiltyfree moment, rich in romanticism, will allow you to breathe away from the hustle and bustle of your tribe and to find it better when you come back!

We sleep, all of us, and more!

Sleep is life. Everyone knows that! So we reduce the number of TV nights that we always regret when we wake up and we favor a healthy bedtime to be at the top in the morning. Also, a little nap with your family during the weekend will do you a world of good!

We delegate homework to the babysitter, or even dinner (while we're at it!)

First, it's important to note that you can't be everywhere, all the time. And that's certainly not going to change in 2020. So leave the homework and dinner preparation to your babysitter. This way, when you return, you can enjoy a moment of serenity with your children without worrying about the tasks to be accomplished. 

Let's move as a family!

Sport is the eternal resolution that comes back to the top of the list every year, but that we almost never respect. So, why not take advantage of family outings to exercise more? By taking short walks, for example. From bike or simply by playing with the children? And more often, for better results!

We limit the use of screens, at least, we try for the new year 2020! 

How many times have you said to yourself: "screens are over! ". Easier said than done, isn't it? Instead of banning screens for children, control their use. By limiting, first of all, the time of use. And, by initiating them, then, to the use of fun applications. These will entertain them while accompanying them in their learning.

We organize ourselves as a family!

It is undeniable that organization is the key to a more peaceful life. Therefore, it is important that the whole family gets involved. We therefore involve the children in the daily tasks by teaching them the pleasures of organization. We start with the bed, putting the school stuff in order and, why not? setting the table with their babysitter!

We become a bilingual family!

Learning a new language is, indeed, one of the best resolutions to keep! Are you bilingual? Pass on your knowledge to the kids. You don't have time between work and home? Then think about choosing a child care bilingual, who will introduce your children to the language of your choice.

Let's get into the Zen attitude for the new year 2020!

First of all, we start by fighting stress on a daily basis. Because putting things off until tomorrow or next week is not a crime! Then, we try to put things in perspective. For example, if you didn't have time to prepare breakfast, it's the opportunity to take good things to enjoy on the road! And finally, we leave the work at work while avoiding the malicious screens!

This new year 2020: we prohibit less and explain more!

While a flat "No" may seem to work at the time, it rarely does in the adventurous mind of a child. It is therefore, essential to enlighten children on the background of our thinking. And this, by clearly explaining the reasons for our decisions and our expectations. They will then be able to gradually assimilate the information and eventually understand you!   

Finally, our resolutions are the most reasonable and achievable, aren't they? Don't hesitate to share with us your ambitions and resolutions for this new year!