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Student housing in Paris: our advice to find your happiness!

by | Mar 2, 2022 | For babysitters

Have the exam results come in? An internship on the horizon? The beginning of a new adventure? In short, there are many reasons why you are moving to Paris or why you are moving away! However, if you've done your homework, you'll know that finding student housing in Paris can be a real marathon. But it is not an impossible mission! In fact Kidleehas prepared a list of tips and tricks to get you through your student housing search in no time.


If this is your first search for housing, you may not know it, but in the big cities, in Ile de France and in areas like the Paris region, housing goes very quickly! Especially in the center of Paris. Ads for rentals in Paris can be posted up to 2 months before the property in question is available. That's why you need to be on your toes to quickly get into the Parisian student and young worker scene.

A budget and a zone, you will define

It is essential that you locate your university or your internship site on the map to know in which area to look for your accommodation, whether it be for student residences or other.

Don't hesitate to simulate the public transportation route on Maps to know how long it will take you. Also, you need to define your budget to know how much rent not to exceed. Be careful, for the latter, you must first find out the current market prices. Knowing that Paris is the most expensive student city in France, you might as well prepare your wallet! But don't worry, we will soon tell you about the housing subsidies you may be eligible for.

A guarantor for your student housing in Paris, you will have

Unless you have a permanent contract and earn three times the rent, you will need a guarantor. This person can be one of your parents or a family member. Otherwise, you can ask for the Visale guarantee. What is this ? Visale is the guarantor of your future housing if you are between 18 and 30 years old. Moreover, if you want to test your eligibility, it is herei.

Thou shalt prepare a complete file

We advise you not to wait for the rare pearl to prepare your file because as we said before, it goes very quickly! So, once again, we anticipate so that as soon as the nugget appears, you can send your rental file directly. You will have to provide: a complete information sheet, a photocopy of your identity card, a photocopy of your student card, an internship agreement (if you are on an internship) and a registration certificate. Depending on the type of student housing, you may also be asked to provide one or more proofs of residence such as: your last 3 rent receipts, a statement from your host.

Regarding your guarantor, according to Luko, Here is the file to be provided: a photocopy of an identity card, a certificate from the employer, the last 3 pay slips, the last tax notice, the property tax (if owner), the last 3 rent receipts (if tenant) and the business card or a KBIS extract (dating less than three months if the guarantor is a company director, craftsman or trader) and the last balance sheet.

On the other hand, just as you are obliged to provide a complete rental file, you have rights concerning this file. Therefore, we cannot ask you to provide: a copy of your health insurance card, a certificate of absence of credit or bank account, nor your last blood tests, nor your medical booklet or even less your Paypal or Netflix codes...

Don't fall for the student housing scam in Paris! 

If you've already started your search for a place to live, you should know what we're talking about here. This dream ad for a 30 square meter apartment in the heart of Paris at

If you have already started your search for accommodation, you must know what we are talking about here. This dream ad for a 30 square meter student apartment in the heart of Paris for 500 euros. You'll find it on classifieds sites like LeBonCoin, real estate rental sites like seloger and even on Facebook/Marketplace groups. You are asked to send an email, to which the answer is probably a request for more information in order to plan a visit.

In reality, it's a trick to impersonate you. The scam does not stop there! A second email will follow asking you to pay a sum of money so that this apartment is blocked for you because for X reason the owner cannot come on the day of the visit. Be careful, you should never pay anything before the lease is signed! 

Thou shalt keep a broad mind

Before leaving for new horizons, we all have an idea of our perfect cocoon. Which is great because knowing what we want makes it easier. But you shouldn't stop at one image. Indeed, finding the right shoe in Paris can be quite difficult.

If you were planning on renting directly through a landlord, consider looking at agency listings as well. If you wanted an unfurnished rental to decorate your little home, consider a furnished rental as well. A furnished and equipped studio will make your move easier. You wanted to live alone? Why not consider renting and intergenerational housing! Anyway, we think you see where we're going with this! 

The team Kidee wishes you a good flight little bird, we hope you will find a nice nest in Paris.