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Animals in English: 4 activities for your bilingual childcare!

by | Apr 27, 2022 | Do It Yourself, Games

Goethe said "He who does not know foreign languages, does not know his own language". That's why, some time ago, we gave you 10 good reasons to introduce children to a new language from a young age! Intuitively, especially if the child grows up in an international environment, the English language will take place. That's why we have prepared for you an article on board games to learn English together. And this time, Kidlee is back with even more fun activities to learn English! If there's one theme that all kids agree on, it's animals! So how about we give you some ideas for activities to introduce kids to the Sheakespear language while teaching them about animals in English!

English animal cards to print

This is a very easy activity, provided you have a printer nearby! All you have to do is print the cards carefully prepared by Mômes. So, how do you say horse, dragonfly, snail, cat, dog, fox, butterfly, bee, pig or even sheep... in English? The child will have to link each animal to the corresponding name!

If you're not sure, don't panic, the answers are there here.

An online English activity

Not so long ago, we prepared for you a top of the educational games online. Do you remember it from Luminy? It will be very useful today because it offers A great game for children to practice learning the names of animals in English, by matching the picture to the word. What we like the most is the fact that there are 3 levels of difficulty according to the speed. We don't know about you, but we at the editorial staff totally agree!

Animal crossword puzzle in English

Normally, After our series of articles on vacation notebooks, we no longer present Hugo the snail. This time, it's not a vacation notebook but a crossword puzzle to print! The latter allows the child to enrich his vocabulary in a progressive and playful way. With the help of the drawings, he must fill in the crossword puzzle with the name of each animal in English, in the right place. To know if he has got everything right, he just has to check the list at the bottom of the page.

The paper casserole version animals 

Here's a classic that always works! Once cut and folded, this casserole will allow the little ones to learn the names of some animals in English. You can also find here a virgin casserole and thus prepare a casserole of domestic animals in English or wild animals.

Babysitting bilingual by Kidlee 

At Kidlee, we also offer bilingual babysitters as part of our fun babysitting program. Thanks to our Montessori inspired training, our students are on the attack every day to help your children progress through an innovative babysitting service. They will help your children to carry out rich and diversified activities without running out of ideas, while at the same time helping them to progress in the chosen foreign language. 

Moreover, some Kidlee profiles can even give English lessons to your children, depending on their level. For a total immersion, you can also opt for profiles whose mother tongue is English, an English or American nanny, for example, will be able to introduce your children to English by bathing them in this language in a fluid and natural way during her hours of care.

A bilingual babysitter can bring a lot to the table. Thanks to our selection of candidates based on their profile, experience and motivation, the quality of their services will be guaranteed. You can be confident that your child will be well looked after! Would you like to know more about Kidlee babysitting? So, don't hesitate to write or call us !