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christmas activities: 6 eco-friendly diy/decos to make with your family!

by | Dec 8, 2021 | Decorations, Do It Yourself | 0 comments

The best time of the year for kids and even big kids is coming up! As you may have guessed, we are talking about this event for which we all get dressed up, prepare a hearty Christmas Eve dinner and look forward to unwrapping the presents. But the real magic of Christmas lies in the simple fact of being together as a family. As Kevin Bright once said, "Christmas is not about decorating the tree, it's about being together. So that's why Kidlee has prepared some ideas for Christmas activities to do with the kids. As a bonus, these Christmas crafts are eco-friendly, a moment of fun shared with your children that will also be good for the planet.

Photophores for Christmas are always a good idea!

Whether you put them on the kids' nightstand or on your Christmas Eve table, they're sure to fit in during the holidays. Plus, they'll make a great Christmas decorating statement. You'll need a few glass jars, jute string, Epsom salt for that little touch of magic and of course candles. Now all that's left to do is let your creativity run wild.

A 3 in 1 Christmas activity

Here, we suggest a fun, economical and ecological activity! Instead of buying a Christmas tree, why not create it yourself with your children? And you can give life to a multitude of trees, all you need is a little imagination! You can make a cardboard tree, with your books or tree branches, you can even transform your ladder into a tree. For more ideas, we recommend to take a look around here.

A mini tree with a pine cone

For this DIY, you will need: 

- a large pine cone

- a slice of wood (Ø 10 cm)

- decorative mini gifts

- green acrylic paint and a brush

- a glue gun

First, start by painting the scales green to begin the transformation of your pine cone into a fir tree. Next, glue the base of the pine cone with a glue gun to the outside of a piece of wood. Now it's time for the finishing touches! You can glue a few decorative mini gifts at the bottom of the tree and a star at the top.

Christmas crafts with clothespins

You'll need some glue, a few clothespins, a glue gun and some tape. First, start by separating the clothespins. Then, put some glue on the back of a clothespin and glue the pegs back to back. Next, glue 4 pegs in a cross and 4 pegs between each space in the cross. All that's left to do is paint it all white and run the ribbon through!

Christmas activities in the kitchen

Cooking is an excellent developmental activity for children. Making small dishes, pastries or desserts contributes to the development of the 5 senses and the autonomy of the youngest. It is also a great activity to encourage discussion and complicity between family members. A Christmas workshop in best pastry chef mode will be an excellent opportunity to share the magic of Christmas together. That's why we've prepared some Christmas shortbread recipes to make with your family.

A Christmas ball out of the ordinary 

If you have old light bulbs waiting to be recycled, now is the time to get them out! You can turn them into great snowmen and blinged-out reindeer to hang on your tree. For the snowman, all you need is paint, decorations, felt or polymer clay, fishing line, glue and markers! To make shiny reindeer, you'll need glue or spray adhesive, lots of glitter and accessories to make the eyes, nose and horns of the queen. 

Find the tutorials of realization on creative idea  !


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